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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Horizons Beyond Dreams ?

We are an up and growing multinational conglomerate; our goal is to bring today's lifestyle-conscious consumers the most superior travel and hospitality products, good healthy lifestyle encouraging products & services.

Why should I join Horizons BeyondDreams ?

By joining Horizons BeyondDreams, you are entitled to many benefits. As a socially responsible company, we believe in making entrepreneurs of all our members. The moment you sign up for our services, you become an independent distributor of HorizonsBeyond Dreams. This means flexible working hours and freedom to work from home.

What's the minimum age criterion to join Horizons Beyond Dreams ?

An individual must be legal age dependent on country to become a Horizons Beyond Dreams member.

How do I become a member of Horizons Beyond Dreams ?

Once you decide to join Horizons Beyond Dreams, all you need to do is either visit the "Join Now" section on our website & follow the simple steps indicated or contact us on the numbers and address on the “Contact us” page Please note that you need to have a sponsor to join our organization. A sponsor is the person who introduced this business to you.

Is there a cost involved ?

Yes, there is a joining fee of USD 100.00. However, this is a one-time cost that's being charged for a lifetime membership. Besides this, you are NOT obligated to pay any other fee. There are no monthly charges or annual charges.

What is the mode of payment ?

We currently accept payments via, e-wallet payments, and bank deposits, bank wire (T.T). Once your deposit has been done scan and email it to us and as soon as amount reflects your e voucher (joining vouchers) will be emailed to you.

How long does it take for the membership to get activated ?

The moment you sign up with us, your membership gets activated. You will immediately receive your membership’ back office’ site and access to various products and service available. You will also be entitled to avail the best of travel and accommodation deals that come with huge discounts, herbal and flavored teas and coffees etc. Not just that. To ensure that you are your own boss, you will also gain access to our marketing collaterals and a self-replicating website to start promoting the Horizons Beyond Dreams opportunity and build your way to financial freedom.

Do I need to sell any products ?

We are a service oriented organization and commission our distributors on sale of our products and services. So, yes you need to sell our products in order to earn commissions but we do pay you commissions on the sales done in your organizational structure based upon the compensation plan.

How do I earn money through Horizons Beyond Dreams ?

In our daily life, we do recommend products and services to our friends, colleagues, family members whom we like. We used the same word of mouth referrals system to form a compensation plan that pays commissions to people on promotion of our products and services. Please note that we do not compel anyone to promote our organization; it's truly optional for a consumer to decide whether to promote us or not after he/she is satisfied with our services. Horizons Beyond Dreams, uses current members to become distributors of their products and pay commissions using a revolving matrix with binary system. Therefore the payment of commission or system where existing members distribute the products on behalf of the company is referred to as Multi Level Marketing or commonly known as Network Marketing. Direct Selling/Network Marketing/Multi-level Marketing is a widely known and established industry all over the world.

Is there any limit on the number of times I can cycle out of the Leopard Board and earn USD 13,500 ?

No. There is no limit on cycle-out. You can earn as much as you want by cycling out multiple times. This gives you an opportunity to create on going residual income with each milestone you cross.

Is there any capping limit on Residual Income and Business Generation Bonus ?

No capping, no ceiling and no time bounds. You can earn unlimited amount of income and the matrix structure pays as per the sales allowing you to enhance your income.

Can I sponsor more than two people ?

To qualify and earn commissions, you need to sponsor two or more people. However, if you want to progress fast and create multiple legs to ensure faster cycles and enhanced residual income with other bonuses, we do urge you to sponsor as many people as you can and support them at the same time.

What is the advantage of sponsoring more than two people ?

You will receive Residual Income for every member that joins your organization after you cycle out of Rhino board. Sponsoring more than two people and opening multiple legs in your downline. Organization will not just have you earn more money from the matrix structure but will also ensure faster cycles in the different Boards. Follow-the-leader system makes all members to follow their sponsors.

Can I own multiple IDs while building my team ?

Yes, you can.

Can I refer people from anywhere around the world to join ?

Yes, you can make people join from practically any corner of the world & make your network grow to avail more commissions.

Can I transfer my membership to any other person ?

The Horizons Beyond Dreams membership is fully transferrable. There is a process to change the membership ownership for which you can contact our Support Teams. The membership feehowever is non-refundable.

How do I receive my commissions ?

All commissions are instantly transferred to your secure e-wallet, which is protected by our double-check secure system. Funds can be transferred to your bank account from our Corporate Accounts.

Can Horizons Beyond Dreams be promoted as an investment scheme ?

We are strictly against any misrepresentations. If any member is found promoting Horizons Beyond Dreams as an investment scheme, he or she will be immediately terminated followed by further actions.

How secure is the member back office and payment site ?

Once you become a member, you will be given a username and password. You will be the only one to have access to the password and you can change it anytime you want. These details cannot even be accessed by the person who sponsored you. You also get a transaction password for secure transactions. Apart from that, we have many security policies and processes in place.